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Abraham Lincoln

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Giving Care Training Center was founded in May of 2017 as a subsidiary of Rogue Ventures, Inc. The center had formerly been known as Giving Care Education Center and had operated successfully for several years under the previous ownership. Since purchasing the facility, we have relocated to Canton, GA to the Oakside Medical building.

Giving Care Training Center is a fast-paced skill intensive three-week program designed to put CNA’s into the workforce with the confidence to be successful in an extremely difficult yet rewarding field of health care, the being the of our most at risk population. While we do encounter several people working on their CNA requirement for their nurse’s license, this program’s priority is actively preparing CNA’s for the workforce.

The program has been approved by the state of Georgia. We have a very high graduation rate as well as high state test pass rate. We are an approved regional Pearson Vue testing center. Students that have taken the Certification course somewhere else, come to our school to test.

Our Mission To Our Students

To have our students complete the program with the confidence to know that they have received the knowledge and skills needed to pass the state exam and to begin a career in the medical field.

Student of Giving Care Training Center
Student of Giving Care Training Center

We strive to keep our modern facility current on all the newest medical equipment and to ensure that our instructors are current on all the latest medical information as well. We want to make it simple for our students to learn the skills to pass the state exam and to be confident when entering the workplace.

At Giving Care Training Center we want to provide the medical field with confident, skilled and ambitious Certified Nurse Aides and to help our students reach their goal, whether it be to obtain employment as a CNA or prepare you to enroll in nursing school, we are here to help you along the way.

Meet Our Staff

Giving Care Training Center

Maria Aguanta, RN

Program Director

The program coordinator is Maya Aguanta, RN, who is one of the most compassionate individuals I have ever encountered. She is continuously working on our curriculum to make it work better for our students.

Teresa Johnson LPN, Classroom Clinical Instructor

Teresa Johnson, RN

Classroom Instructor

The class is taught by Teresa Johnson, LPN, who’s energy and thirst for knowledge makes her a great fit to be teaching. Teresa brings the subject to life. We couldn’t have found a better instructor. She’s all about teamwork which is what is needed in the Long-Term Care environment.

Amy Edwards, Executive Director

Amy Edwards

Executive Director

That brings us to Amy Edwards. Amy is the heart and soul of GCTC. She brings a passion to the school that flows through to everyone involved. She is dedicated to the success of the school. She is vibrant, funny, and cares about the students in the program.

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